Frequently asked questions

Is my device ready for Freewave?
Freewave operates according to the 802.11b (11 Mbit/s) and 802.11g (54 Mbit/s) Wireless LAN standards. Therefore all devices with a Web-Browser supporting these standards can be used with Freewave. Use Wi-Fi certified devices for maximum compatibility. Wi-Fi certified devices are marked with a specific logo: Wi-Fi Certified Logo
Do I have to register to use Freewave?
How much does it cost to use Freewave?
If you establish the connection as decribed on the page „How to use Freewave“ the use of Freewave is free of charge.
Do I have to watch ads to use Freewave?
How secure is Freewave?
To keep the process of joining Freewave Wireless LANs simple, the radio connection is not encrypted. We recommend transmitting sensitive information only when you have a secure connection to a website. Data which is transmitted between your browser and a „secure site“ will be automatically encrypted. Secure connections are standard for web banking as well as eBay. Furthermore, we recommend using secure connections between your email application and mail server. Whether encryption can be used depends on your email provider and your email application. To keep others from accessing your data turn off sharing. Download the Freewave Guide for instructions.
Can I establish a VPN connection?
VPNs may be established to connect a device to a private network (this technique is mainly used by corporations). However before a VPN can be initiated the device has to be connected to the Internet by using the Freewave welcome page.
I can’t send e-mails when using Freewave and/or get the error message “Relaying denied”.
This error message comes from the e-mail server of your e-mail and Internet provider, who does not allow you to send e-mails when you use a different Internet connection than his. Try turning on authentication when sending e-mails (instructions can be found in the help of your e-mail client or at your provider’s website). If this fails, use independent e-mail providers (such as to freely send e-mails wherever you are.
After connecting to Freewave I open Opera/Opera Mini and nothing happens.
This is a well-known issue of this browser (requires a full Internet connection at launch). Use another browser. Once you clicked “connect” on the Freewave welcome page, you may use Opera/Opera Mini.
I use Windows XP and Internet Explorer. I can’t use Freewave. Opening results in an “cannot establish secure connection“ error message.
Internet Explorer and Windows XP do not support latest encryption technologies. The Freewave welcome page uses strong encryption. To use Freewave on a Windows XP computer please use Firefox, Safari or Chrome as web browser.
I am an iPass customer, but do not want to use it for accessing the Internet through Freewave. What do I have to do?
In the iPass settings, add Freewave to the list of excluded networks.