Terms of use

The company offering Freewave and Freewave provide you (=the user) access to the Internet (=the service). To keep the service available certain rules have to be followed:

The service may only be used when you are in the premises of the company offering Freewave. The user agrees not to use the service to endanger public order, security or morality. The user furthermore agrees not to take any illegal actions and not to harass or scare others. The user agrees especially not to use any file-sharing programs or to use bandwidth excessively since the service is shared with others.

Freewave reserves the right to block devices (such as laptops, notebooks, PDAs, etc.) from accessing the service at any time. Freewave also reserves the right to block IP ports at any time.

The user agrees that the use of Freewave is at his/her own risk. He/She is solely responsible for protecting his/her device (e.g. by having the latest version of antivirus software installed, by not launching suspicious applications, etc). Freewave is not liable for any errors, malfunction or damage caused by the use of the Internet or by modification of the device by the user.  Freewave makes no express or implied warranties, including warranties of title, non-infringement, and merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, regarding the service, or any software or other material available through the service. The Internet access service provided to the user by Freewave is provided on an as is, as available basis; Freewave does not warrant that it will be provided error-free and/or without interruptions, or without delays, or that any defects will be corrected within any given time period. Under no circumstances shall Freewave be liable for any incidental, special, or consequential damages that result from the use or inability to use the service or related documentation.